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lost in bolivia

yes I¨m here. Have enough time to blog chat or do something else. my only task at the day is 2 1/2 hours spanisch lesson. the other seams to be nice but not more a little kind of boring.
so just see how it is in el villar a sweet little village in the southeast of sucre with only one telephone and sometimes internet. it will be funny sure. =)
7.7.06 21:14

el vuelo a bolivia

today is the day! I'm a little bit nervous. My feelings are splitted,because I don't see for 2 1/2 month some nice people. But otherwise I'll get a little distance from everything and have some time for myself. My bags are packed and tommorow I'm there. yeah!!!
2.7.06 13:29

bolivia is approaching

It's only one week then I'll fly away. The date is coming and I become a taste of excitement. Do I have enough knowledge to deal with everything? I think the first days will be difficult to understand each other. Wow! It is so near.
24.6.06 09:56

Nosce te ipsum!

realize thyself!
24.6.06 09:45

full energy

Yesterday I visited a friend in Jena. We drank a coffee and talked a little bit. Afterwards I went to a concert in Kassablanca. There was a music act of Pantéon Rococo a band from Mexico. There were so full of energy and transfered it to the audience. Everybody was jumping the whole time.
20.6.06 22:19

Today I've done a triathlon with a team. It was sooo hot during the run. Afterwards I jumped into the pool to reaclimate myself. It was so nice. On the whole day we spend the time at the pool, played some volleyball and football. Now I'm so tired and my parts of the body are aching.
18.6.06 23:19


Yesterday I was at the Bergfried. We were just sitting and talking. I climbed with a friend on tree while there were a firework. It was perfect because we could see everything.
The bad thing at this evening was that I've lost my glasses. We couldn't find them in the drakness but luckily I found them when it becames lightly. So I had big luck.
18.6.06 23:12

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