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why are people more concentrated in material things than in handcrafts. They are so invaluable than the others. but they can't appreciate it what someone has done for themselves. Yeah this is our world. bad bad and only focused on money!!!
14.1.07 18:34

not a good start

this week first week after holidays. but I'm not getting used to coburg. it's curios because there are so many tests right now and during our classtour we also have to learn. yesterday I got critizeced in a dance lesson and I was down. so life must go on.
11.1.07 10:11

new year- new beginning -new life

wow it's new year and i don't feel like it. sometimes i got strange messages and i don't now how I have to understand them. I have to think about it but I don't get a solution. why is life sometimes like a chaos? I hate it if someone can't say something direct and only in puzzles. so life goes on....
2.1.07 13:00

strange life

Now germany is really crazy for me because everything is alittle bit strange and i walk trough the streets without my soul. otherwise is there another thing with this fucking girl. my ex boy friend don't understand me and I have to explain what my feelings are. I have to get in common with germany and to handle with this thing. I really hate it. Why is he thinking I'm still a friend with this girl? Never ever thank you what kind of friend is this?! I have enough other things in my head.
20.9.06 09:11

fucking world

today i got a message of a friend and she told me that she had something with my boyfriend. Ok since one week he isn`t my boyfriend because he told me everything and i thought it`s better to end this thing because we won`t see each other over 1 year now and i also wanted to speak with him cause i thought it makes no sense for one year without any touch. this was the easy thing. i wanted to end this relation and wanted only became friend with him. but now this girl told me that and it hurts me in a little way. fuck i don`t wanted to know who it was but know it`s really bad. not in the case of my ex boyfriend but in the case of this girl. why she told me that? i would feel me better when i don`t know this and my live will be more perfect.
La puta madre que te parrío!!!
11.9.06 02:08

nice here

it is really nice here. i would like to stay here longer but on tuesday i have to go. altough i think i learn more spanisch than here because there are more people with which i can speak and i have to speak. the people special the boy of the reception and another voluntar are very funny. they are making my time sweet. ehm ja...
17.7.06 20:21

went to the biggest dinosaurier track in the world

yeah today we were at the biggest track of the world. there were signs of their foots and so on. Now it¨s really boring here. so I¨m going to sleep or i play cards. just see...
8.7.06 21:14

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