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so ich werd mal noch nen anderen blog beginnen da es leute gibt denen ich zwar die bildchen zeigen möchte, aber net mehr. also startet hier für die vips in meinem leben ein extra bereich. viel spass
14.5.06 04:30

yearning for...?!

During the last days I saw a few pics of an old friend and I'm still thinking that he's hot. The problem I've no contact since a 3/4 year. Otherwise it's just a little breath of yearning. I've only 2 month to stay in germany and I've lust ...
Today I was with my mother in "Ladys Night" and it was funny to saw some men every age and every type stripping. At the end they were naked but the light was out. :-(
14.5.06 23:12

last day of my life ...ehm school

Today it is my last day at school. my class isn't able to organized anything but today they will made something special. wow it's so early! A few people were drunk. so the last day wasn't as special as it could be.
Afterwards nicole and I went to Jena to go shopping. Now I'm satisfied, but just a little bit because I'm still need some shoes for my dress. I hate buying shoes cause it's so stressful. But I have 2 in choice one in orange and one in white which are to stake of the leg. wow great!!!
19.5.06 17:18

add my headstone in coburg

Now I've my room in the area near my future school. The contract will be send to me in 2 weeks. Everything is going to be decieded. I'm happy that I don't have to life is this boring village and I get in contact with new people. But still it is a problem to stay in contact with others. There are only e-mails. letters and other media.

yesterday I was in a lecture about bodylanguage. She told us that women act and regard more on bodylanguage then men. Men are only on the message level. There are not only one typicall solution how somebody make something. It could be interprete in different ways.

Men says: my beer is empty!
Women: "I fetch you one" or "your problem"!
The message of the men is only that his beer is empty but not that she has to go for one.

If women have some problems men always will dissolve it, but women only want sympathies.

The last tip: ask sometimes your dialogue partner what he has understand. Betimes it could be understand elsewise.
19.5.06 18:33

spend some time in Vienna

Last week I was in Vienna to make a competition in 10 disziplines. After my glorios test in math we drove 8 hours. At the evening we were so tired that we had to go to bed. The next days were characterized with learning for my last 2 exams, sleeping or relaxing and running. Every year there are some new people and the same like last year. Some of them are so friendly to you thtat you don't know why. For example the son of the spokesman is so nice to me altough I'm given him the cold shoulder. At thursday we were in a club there were free entry for girls till 11. So Caro and I went into the disco and danced till 12. She convinced me to dance on a table. It was very funny and it was good to know that nobody knows us. The organisation of the L10K was not so good, because they made a party in the stadium and it was raining so afterwards we went into the city to make our last night complete.So I went with the boys of my team which where already a bit drunk to a club.
30.5.06 11:54


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