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el vuelo a bolivia

today is the day! I'm a little bit nervous. My feelings are splitted,because I don't see for 2 1/2 month some nice people. But otherwise I'll get a little distance from everything and have some time for myself. My bags are packed and tommorow I'm there. yeah!!!
2.7.06 13:29

lost in bolivia

yes I¨m here. Have enough time to blog chat or do something else. my only task at the day is 2 1/2 hours spanisch lesson. the other seams to be nice but not more a little kind of boring.
so just see how it is in el villar a sweet little village in the southeast of sucre with only one telephone and sometimes internet. it will be funny sure. =)
7.7.06 21:14

went to the biggest dinosaurier track in the world

yeah today we were at the biggest track of the world. there were signs of their foots and so on. Now it¨s really boring here. so I¨m going to sleep or i play cards. just see...
8.7.06 21:14

nice here

it is really nice here. i would like to stay here longer but on tuesday i have to go. altough i think i learn more spanisch than here because there are more people with which i can speak and i have to speak. the people special the boy of the reception and another voluntar are very funny. they are making my time sweet. ehm ja...
17.7.06 20:21


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