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fucking world

today i got a message of a friend and she told me that she had something with my boyfriend. Ok since one week he isn`t my boyfriend because he told me everything and i thought it`s better to end this thing because we won`t see each other over 1 year now and i also wanted to speak with him cause i thought it makes no sense for one year without any touch. this was the easy thing. i wanted to end this relation and wanted only became friend with him. but now this girl told me that and it hurts me in a little way. fuck i don`t wanted to know who it was but know it`s really bad. not in the case of my ex boyfriend but in the case of this girl. why she told me that? i would feel me better when i don`t know this and my live will be more perfect.
La puta madre que te parrío!!!
11.9.06 02:08

strange life

Now germany is really crazy for me because everything is alittle bit strange and i walk trough the streets without my soul. otherwise is there another thing with this fucking girl. my ex boy friend don't understand me and I have to explain what my feelings are. I have to get in common with germany and to handle with this thing. I really hate it. Why is he thinking I'm still a friend with this girl? Never ever thank you what kind of friend is this?! I have enough other things in my head.
20.9.06 09:11


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