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new year- new beginning -new life

wow it's new year and i don't feel like it. sometimes i got strange messages and i don't now how I have to understand them. I have to think about it but I don't get a solution. why is life sometimes like a chaos? I hate it if someone can't say something direct and only in puzzles. so life goes on....
2.1.07 13:00

not a good start

this week first week after holidays. but I'm not getting used to coburg. it's curios because there are so many tests right now and during our classtour we also have to learn. yesterday I got critizeced in a dance lesson and I was down. so life must go on.
11.1.07 10:11


why are people more concentrated in material things than in handcrafts. They are so invaluable than the others. but they can't appreciate it what someone has done for themselves. Yeah this is our world. bad bad and only focused on money!!!
14.1.07 18:34


warum müssen sich manche menschen immer so stark ihre meinung vertreten und andere gar nicht erst zulassen, sodass sie sich gleich unbeliebt machen obwohl sie in mancher hinsicht ganz ok sind. und wenn man das dann akzeptiert hat immer noch eins draufsetzten? versteh ich net!
20.1.07 20:13


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